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Publishing Facilitation Services

Our publishing facilitation services include proofreading, editing, typesetting, layout & cover design, to print-ready material. We also facilitate paperback printing locally and internationally.



Specialised publishing services include: the reproduction and re-publishing of old, out-of-print books, and the production of fully interactive eBooks, with audio and video capabilities.


We Make them, We Sell Them! Online Book Store

We have a fully functional online store using recognised cart software and secure payment facilities. We sell our own books, other self-published books and selected devotional aids



We offer Website Development, Catholic News, Prayers & Devotionals, Faith Booklets, Faith Videos and Audio , Free eBooks,  Links to Catholic Resources, and more

Frank-ly Catholic - News & Blog

  • Is Reconciliation Finally Dead?

    In this new release from Patrick Noonan, best-selling author of "They're Burning the Churches", he takes a look at attitudes towards reconciliation and social cohesion in a post-apartheid South Africa. Most of us in South Africa, during the 45 years of apartheid, didn’t notice that we had been programmed, rebooted, reset and downloaded as new creatures: apartheid man – or woman.

  • Meet the Publisher of Priests

    Everybody, it is said, has a book in them. Frank Nunan’s task is to get these books into print. Here he tells us how. A South African “publishing facilitator” has just published his seventh book by or about a priest in the past 12 months.

  • Wrist Rosaries on Sale

    "Pray the Rosary" Wristbands - Special Clearance Sale GET UP TO 40% OFF ON "PRAY THE ROSARY" WRISTBANDS* SA Catholic Online has a number of these great devotional still in stock and would like to move them. We have put together packs of 5, 10 and 50 rosaries containing random colours and sizes, at just R75 (R115), R120 (R200) and R540 (R900) respectively. Order yours NOW! Click HERE to order yours today


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