Foreword by Archbishop William Slattery OFM

archbishop williamThis is a book of personal reflections flowing from a deeply meditative reading of the Word of God. Having allowed God’s holy word to permeate his prayer David Sadie enters into a dialogue with the Lord touching his present personal experience of the real world around him. It is often said that we should read the Word of God with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. The God of the Bible is the God of History, a God who has entered and who remains now in history. God is deeply concerned with me now, with my joys and sorrows, with my challenges and my deepest desires. This is what David believes and this is what he shows us as he invites us to peer into his personal journey with the Lord.

David has found that the Lord who pursued the prophet Jonah even into the belly of the sea is a God who whispers constantly into our ears today, He is the Hound of Heaven.

Reading this personal narrative of an encounter with the Lord will encourage us to go to God’s Word, to invite the Holy Spirit, to listen very carefully to what is arising in our hearts and to place honestly before our Loving God our personal world and the reality around us. While ultimately all is grace - the touch of the Holy Spirit, yet our own effort is indispensable. This book is an invitation to realise that we are all called to holiness. We cannot continue to be content with a shallow prayer. As St Pope John Paul said at the beginning of the new millennium genuine prayer is a meeting with Christ and is expressed not just in imploring help but also in thanksgiving, praise, adoration, contemplation, listening and ardent devotion. David’s book will encourage its readers to come confidently before God as we are and to expect great things from Him.

Archbishop William Slattery OFM
October 2017

Foreword by Fr Barney McAleer

MGR Barney the Man of the Moment 262x300In 2009 David did a Life in the Spirit Seminar at Victory Park Parish where many, myself included, got our introduction into how to live and experience our faith in a totally different way. One of the fruits of the Seminar is the development of a love for scripture. This became very apparent in David's case. Soon after his baptism in the Spirit, he began to keep a journal, something highly recommended by spiritual directors. This led into a deeper prayer life and the beginning of contemplation of the Word. This in turn led to a deeper insight and understanding of the liturgy and the sacraments.

All of this then became integrated into his family and working life. David is not an academic, much less a professional theologian or scripture scholar. David is simply a normal working man with a family to rear and provide for. But he loves the Lord and listens to the whispers of the Holy Spirit as he is guided in prayer on matters of life, family and workplace, prayer and faith. He has written in a unique manner of his spiritual journey and how he tries to integrate life as he lives it with a deep faith experience.

He calls it a "Dialogue with God"; reading scripture and asking God the questions that arise in the context of daily life. Many of his questions are questions we ourselves wonder about. This book is a selection of his conversations with God the Father. David writes down what he believes the Holy Spirit is saying to him. It is the fruit of one man's reflections to be true to himself and his God.

I recommend this book to all who seek answers, ask questions and try to make their faith journey relevant to their daily lives.

Fr. Barney McAleer
October 2017

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