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Don't know what the difference between a sermon and homily is? Not sure what the word "ordinary" means in the context of the Church?

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Do You Speak Catholic? 
by Frank Nunan

Have you ever wondered what an Aspergillum was? Perhaps not! How about a Sacramental? Or do you know the difference between a homily and sermon? As with any major institution or organisation in the world, the Catholic Church uses words that are exclusive to it – call it “jargon”, if you will. These words can be confusing, not only to outsiders but even to “cradle Catholics”. 

The app contains definitions, illustrations and explanations for more than 200 common (and not so common) Catholic Words and phrases.

It has an interactive Quiz for you to test your Catholic vocabulary, and an interactive Index which allows you to quickly and easily look up any single word in the app.

The app is based on the book of the same name and was created by SA Catholic Online's Frank Nunan.

The app also includes a couple of videos  - one explaining the priest's vestments and another highlighting a giant thurible in Spain (What is a thurible?)

It not only gives explanations for Catholic Words, but also highlights the differences between words that are often not used correctly - e.g. A Monk vs a Friar vs a Brother.

It has a Foreword and Nihil Obstat by Bishop Vincent Zungu OFM of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth.

App Creation

Using Kotobee Author, Write-On Publishing and SA CAtholic Online Books can now also turn your eBook in to a native Android or Apple app format for upload to one of the App stores.

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SA Catholic Online Books' popular "Do You Speak Catholic?" is now available as an app from the Google Play Store!

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Do You Speak Catholic?

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