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One of the main issues facing self-published authors is how to go about selling their books. Traditional Sales channels such bookstores are difficult, expensive and time consuming to penetrate, requiring a time spent in visiting stores and chains to "sell" the idea of their books. Once this exercise has successfully been accomplished, a certain amount of capital outlay is required to print what could be substantial numbers of books.

Selling online is therefore probably the most cost-effective solution, but issues of logistics can also make this problematic.

SA Catholic Online Books offers its authors a number of sales and logistics channels: 


Print On Demand Sales

We can make your print book available on a print-on-demand basis on Takealot, South Africa’s version of Amazon, as well as on Amazon itself. Print on demand means you never have to worry about holding stock or mailing out books - simply direct customers to your book's page on Takealot or Amazon!

More about Print on Demand Sales

EBook Sales

Since the beginning of the pandemic there has been a distinct spike in eBook sales internationally. SA Catholic Online Books offers its authors both local and international channels for the sale of eBooks, including Amazon (Kindle) and other well-known distribution channels such as Ingramspark. Locally, we offer eBook sales through our own secure sales platform Indie-eBook.

More about eBook Sales

App Sales

SA Catholic Online Books can now also create a native Android or iOS App from your book for upload to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. This is best suited to books which can have a high interactive content. 

Our Own Mini Online Bookstore

Write-On Publishing and SA Catholic Online Books has a limited stock of certain print books for sale through our own Mini Online Store.

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