book cover1Colour Blind Faith

David Gemmel

OCCASIONALLY IN THE AFFAIRS OF MEN there appears a giant who drastically improves the lives of all he meets; a colossus who during a lifetime achieves what others dream of doing in an eternity; a leviathan whose presence is a joy and inspiration to all who share it. An ordinary, likeable, friendly man who without any particularly obvious talents, simply gets on with things to astonishing effect. Such a man was Irish Franciscan friar, Father Stan Brennan.

Colour Blind Faith recounts the life of Father Stan, whose dogged resistance to the might of the South African apartheid machine brought comfort and opportunity that would otherwise have been little more than another distressing statistic in the country’s roll of dishonour.

Told in an accessible and engaging way, Father Stan’s life stands as a role model for every person who feels disempowered in today’s world, or who is tempted to fall back on the excuse that one person can never make a difference. Colour Blind Faith gives the lie to that attitude, and everyone who reads this remarkable story will be motivated to give a little more, to achieve a little more.

Today’s ‘enemies’ may not be as brutal or omnipresent as apartheid, but the power of faith and the human spirit to effect change is as relevant in every corner of our modern world as it was in the South Africa of the 70s and 80s. David Gemmell is a writer and editor. He wrote the bestselling biography of Joost van der Westhuizen, The Man in the Mirror.


Paperback (186 pages)


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