"Transformative, challenging, energizing and filled with hope - all this is true of Seeking First the Kingdom. Father John Bartunek has given us a clear picture of how to integrate faith into all aspects of the inner life. Read it thoughtfully, and it will bring you to a place of greater depth and satisfaction in your relationship with Christ."

Lisa Brenninkmeyer
Founder and Co-Chair of Walking with Purpose

"Fr. John Bartunek has written something here that is laser-focused on the great challenge of living our faith every single day. This one, like his other books, is beautifully written, immensely practical, and wonderfully packaged into bite-sized morsels. It will be a treasure for anyone willing to invest a few minutes a day."

Patrick Lencioni
President of The Table Group

"Seeking first the kingdom in today’s world can seem a daunting and confusing task. Thankfully Father John Bartunek has provided readers with a 30 day meditation that will help with that task. This is a highly accessible book for everyone at any stage of their faith journey. If you have the desire to strengthen your relationship with God, than this is the book for you. After completing these 30 meditations you will surely be well along the path to eternal friendship with your creator."

Pete Socks
The Catholic Book Blogger

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