jesus crucifie entre deux voleurs sur le calvaire sous la supervision d un soldat romain 4a0b07362a951 pStanding near the Cross of Jesus is a Painful and a Powerful place to be

On the sacred day that is Good Friday, we listen to the story of the passion of Jesus as told by John the Evangelist. Probably, when you read or listen to this account, you find it to be simply overwhelming. It is almost too much to take in at once. The passion of Jesus is a gripping drama that reaches down inside of us and evokes our deepest and strongest emotions. It almost defies words of commentary or explanation.

Mary, some other women, and the beloved disciple are depicted as standing near the cross.
This is the place where Jesus says, “It is finished.” He has accomplished the mission given him by the Father. This is the place where he bows his head and hands over the spirit, the gift of his Spirit to all those who believe in him. This is the place where a soldier thrusts a lance into his side and blood and water flow out, signifying the new life that comes forth from the crucified Christ. Standing near the cross of Jesus is both a painful and a powerful place to be.
Each of us has stood near the cross at particular moments in our lives. We know this place well. The situation may have involved the serious illness or loss of a family member, grappling with a broken relationship, experiencing a terrible disappointment, facing a disability, or a thousand other things. Whatever the situation, we know that standing near the cross is indeed a painful place to be.
Standing near the cross of Jesus is also, however, a powerful place to be. It is powerful not because God finds any joy in human suffering. It was human beings, not God the Father, who put Jesus on the cross. Christianity is not a cult of suffering. Standing near the cross of Jesus is a powerful place to be because it is the place where the power of God is present and at work – quietly, faithfully, patiently at work from within. At his own moment of death, Jesus held on to the hand of his Abba God, and, even in this hour of darkness, experienced communion with this tenaciously faithful God. And God was present and on the move to bring life out of death. The flow of blood and water from the pierced side of Christ is a sign of that new life that will become manifest in the raising of Jesus from the dead.
For Christians, keeping the memory of Jesus’ death is a living reminder that we are never alone as we stand near the cross in our own lives. While our faith does not magically remove the pain of that place, you and I are assured that Jesus, the crucified Son of God, is in solidarity with us at that place. He is intimately close to us because he has experienced that place in the most personal and intense way possible.
Standing near the cross of Jesus is a painful and a powerful place to be.
As we pray this Good Friday, we are invited to stand there with Jesus and his disciples. And we are called to trust that what is happening there is what happens wherever the God of Jesus Christ is present: God is faithfully present and at work to bring life out of death. We believe that this, in fact, is what God does for a living.
From a Blog by Fr Robin Ryan CP- Catholics on Call

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