Township God

This book is not Patrick Noonan’s autobiography. It is a travelogue, Michael Palin style, and a diary, John Pilger style. It chronicles major flashpoints, and the spirituality – his experiences of the sacred - of a journey of 40 years living in the townships of the Vaal Triangle - where “the liberation revolution began in earnest” (Former Mandela legal adviser Advocate George Bizos)

Here Noonan, from the perspective of Ground Zero, shares his life with extraordinary township people, saints and sinners, and tells many untold stories, national secrets and frightening, life-changing events.

He describes vividly a strange confrontation with the paranormal, being traumatised during the baptism of 29 infants, and the bizarre deportation of a priest.

You will witness, awestruck, his angry conversations, even outbursts, with God in a darkened Sharpeville church.

And just hours later you will be celebrating Township God in Jerusalem and meeting Christ in a first century RDP house in the informal settlement of Capharnaum on the Sea of Galilee. The original “Roots” of Christianity.

An immigrant priest, Patrick Noonan even dares to reveal for the first time some nasty dealings between South Africa, the British and the Irish in the roaring eighties.

Township God will take you to places and spaces very few people ever get to visit!

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Publication Date:    January 2017
ISBN: 78-0-620-74380-8
Number of Pages:   264


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