Trialbcover1The Trial of African Solidarity

Fr Jean-Marie Kuzituka Did'ho

Africa is a continent known for its absolute ancestral solidarity. African solidarity is considered as a paradigmatic virtue, which defines not only African behaviour, but it also determines the human identity of Africans. However, African solidarity is today politicised and has therefore lost its fundamental meaning.
Looking at all the tragic events that have shaken Africa inexorably, as a true son of Africa, the author is obliged to take African solidarity to trial. The decline of morality, ethics, love and unity pushes him to prosecute African solidarity in an African traditional court of elders.
The unity and oneness of Africa, however, exists mainly in theory. It is political rhetoric. People themselves do not experience that unity or that oneness in their every-day lives. The friendly rhetoric of “ubuntu” (oneness) and African Union do not find a place in the daily life of Africans.
In this book, the author is angry with the lack of African solidarity, African leadership, the AU, African corruption, tribalism, African racism, African wars, African xenophobia, and African politicians. Hence, he takes the African Solidarity to court.
This book is the first volume of a series of volumes to follow under the same title: “The Trial of African Solidarity”.
Let us follow the proceedings of this momentous trial with the author

 Published: June 2018

ISBN/UPC:              978-0-6399359-4-2

Paperback (138 pages)


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