mahonybooksAre you a writer ...

... of stories, formation or other religious tracts, children's books or poetry?

You can be like Michael Mahony, for whom we recently published all seven books of his "One of Us" collection!  

We can help you!

SA Catholic Resources Online is NOT a traditional publishing house, which evaluates your book, accepts or rejects it for publication, pays you an advance (if you are lucky!), and then prints vast numbers of books for distribution to booksellers nationally or internationally - a process that can take years!

SA Catholic Resources Online is instead a publishing facilitator - we help get your book out there! Whether it is your autobiography, your dissertation, children's book, formation book, or a work of fiction - we are not here to judge but to facilitate.

What we do NOT do is guarantee huge sales of books - we will do the work, publish the books, make them available on a “Print-On-Demand basis or in digital format, and assist you to market the book.

We do NOT pay advances, as we do not take ownership of your work.

For a sneak preview of what the final product would look like, click on the illustration at right!

The following services are subject to a negotiated fee and/or commission structure.






Schedule of Services


  • Proofreading
  • Editing


  • Obtain ISBN Number
  • Layout & Typesetting
  • Cover Design
  • Production of final Print-ready Material
  • eBook Production


  • Hardcopy print books – For the author’s account – based on a quote directly from the printer



  • Published and made available for sale in our own online store
  • Uploaded to Amazon Kindle & other international online resellers

Print books

  • Published & made available for sale on a “print on demand” basis on our own online store and other local online bookstores as appropriate
  • Published and made available for sale on a “print on demand” basis on CreateSpace (Amazon) and other reseller platforms


Marketing & Publicity Tools & Services

  • Full Author Website  (see graphic at right - click to see the site)
  • Book Landing Page (Mini-website
  • Book Trailer Video
  • Facebook Business Page Setup
  • Ongoing Publicity – Press releases, Facebook posts etc

To see Michael Mahony's Books available internationally Click Here 

To see Michael Mahony's Books available locally Click Here


Contact us using the form below!

  To save time, you can upload a sample of your manuscript to us (no more than three chapters), using the form below, for assesment.


MikesmlPraise from Mike Mahony & the Royal Irish Academy

"Frank Nunan has done a sterling job in publishing my collection of seven theological books. These were complex in terms of content, layout (including interlinear English and Greek text), colour and black & white content, and the challenging alignment of text and graphics. Frank found innovative ways in which to produce highly professional products and to make them available both in hard-copy and digital versions for distribution in South Africa and worldwide. One of the books in this collection utilised mediaeval manuscripts which are held by the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin who described the book produced by Frank in these words: 'It’s a very handsome production and we are happy to add it to our collections.' Frank’s productivity was exceptional, as evidenced by the successful publication of these seven books within a two year period."


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